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End of Season Ride at Gouveia Vineyard

On November 13th we took our steel ladies out for their final ride as we closed on the 2016 riding season for our chapter.

The weather was amazing, beautiful sunny skies with a comfortable temperature of mid 50's and a mild wind added a special fall feel to the air.

We gathered as friends and shared food, stories and more, enjoying the day and planning out our 2017 riding season. It looks like 2017 is going to be pretty amazing as well with what we hope will be the year to make our chapter even bigger!

As our bikes are tucked away, as the last few leaves fall and the eventual introduction to the first winter snow, we can dream of the upcoming season where we will be out once again hitting those dappled roads to new adventures.

The end of riding

season is always bittersweet, but our hearts will stay warm knowing that our chapter will be out in full force next year and our steel horses will once again rule the road.