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Summer Rides Have Begun!

We are well into the summer riding season and the daughters have been busy scooting around in CT and other locations on the yearly summer Tuesday ride day.

Recently the daughters went to Yantic CT where they were able to view a beautiful waterfall and relax after a long day in the saddle. They also met up with two new riders that day to enjoy the day with! Of course no ride would be complete without the road Princess making her appearance!

Another recent ride involved ICE CREAM after heading to Mystic CT to enjoy grilled cheese sandwiches at the Bleu Squid (highly recommended) and while some ladies went to cool down with some awesome ice cream, others headed to Manchester CT to take part of the Cartoon Yourself paint night!

If your thinking we have way to much fun, you would be right! We take full advantage of these summer days and are always on the look out for new adventures. Where are we heading next?

Mountainfest in WV and our FIRST WITW camping trip in NH. Stay tuned!