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Summer comes to a close...

The summer seems like it flew by this year and the daughters had so many adventures from ice cream rides, camping trips to WV and New Hampshire making 2018 one of the best riding seasons yet.

Our official camping ride was in July as we saddled up and rode to WV stopping in PA as it was the half way point to our destination of Morgantown WV. We rode our steeds in downpours, putting our rain gear into one of the toughest tests! We still camped regardless of the weather and threats of flooding in PA and woke up early to continue on our path to WV.

We discovered the wonderful world of freeze dried food, explored caves, went to the Flight 93 memorial (very emotional) and attended to Morgantown Motorcycle Rally.

As if that wasn't fun enough we saddled up again within 2 weeks to head to NH to once again go camping. We ended up tossing the idea of camping out the window and stayed inside a beautiful home which was hosting our event. We explored the beautiful mountains, rode the Kank, and even had some incredible challenges that were met with laughter. We saw beautiful butterflies in MA, ate lunch at the Bridge of Flowers and even sneaked a little shopping in!

It was a summer of lots of rain, having some sisters move out of the state settling new roots, celebrating birthdays, mourning passing of loved ones, supporting one another and doing charity rides and work.

As a sister, a daughter and woman and I proud to call myself a WITW, and we have already begun to plan our 2019 season...question is will YOU be joining us?