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Chasing Away the Winter Blues

Winter is in full swing and although are trusty steeds are nestled away in warmth and the soft glow of the trickle chargers it doesn't mean the Daughters slow down!

We have been busy with planning our upcoming riding season, enjoying fun activities as food feasts, get togethers and chocolate factory tours. Our group loves to explore different food venues and what a perfect time during the season of cold and snow to do so!

Our first venture into the world of food this year was the Fascias Chocolate Store and Factory located in Waterbury CT. When you first walk in your senses are immediately hit with the glorious smell of fresh chocolates while your eyes feast upon colorful and festive arrangements according to the season.

We even made our own chocolate bars while learning about how chocolate is made while taking a closed circuit tour on the factory floor. We also learned the different notes in chocolate tasting and the differences between fine chocolates and cheaper less refined ones.

We followed that adventure with our annual pilgrimage to the Melting Pot in Darien CT, this time our significant others tagged along and going in style on a lush bus! The food was delish as always with melty cheese, delectable meats and finished off with decadent chocolate and fruit.

The party continued as we all came together for our annual after holiday party at Kathy's home, where we laughed, shared in delicious food and exchanged gifts while of course talking about motorcycles!

The Daughters of course still have more planned as the winter months slowly carry on, but it just goes to show you that although we are not riding we are still having a great time together...there was just ONE thing missing though...


So if you have been considering joining a fun group why not make 2019 your year to SHINE and bring your shade of CRAZY to our crew?