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2020, what is going on?

2020...what a ride so far! Well, unless you have been living under a rock most of you know that 2020 so far has been a year of challenges. We have been introduced to a new world thanks to the wonderful world of Covid 19 and all its amazing splendor! Seriously, we have really been rocked to our core as many of us are living in a world of new restrictions, guidelines and of course not to mention many riding events cancelled due to the virus. That is OK though as the daughters always seem to have good things planned and with the new landscape they have become more creative in social events and staying in touch!

We had to cancel many of our winter group activities however we have been keeping in touch and still having a blast using Zoom for meetings and general get togethers from the comfort of our homes. Many of us have been continuing to ride when we can on spring days and enjoying ourselves regardless of the current way of the world, two wheels is great therapy to shoo those virus blues away!

On a more personal note, I have been away since 2019 due to many changes in my personal life and unfortunately did not keep up with the rides, events etc. However I have made a personal commitment to continue and hopefully 2020 will be much better for my blogging and keeping you all updated on what's going on and where we are going to be!

Our group of women riders has grown incredibly since we first started, and we currently have 16 members ( I will be updating the meet us page as soon as I get bios) and we are always looking to add more members to our growing group of fabulous women riders. Last year the daughters rode to the Herkimer Diamond Mine and did some mining, we rode to Fox Run on what had to be one of the HOTTEST days of the year, some of us attended Babes Ride Out with the Litas, and a few went on a ride of a lifetime exploring the midwest on their trusty steel horses! There were rides to the ice cream trail, many lunch dates, beach days and more, the daughters are always looking for a reason to ride! Our group of women really enjoy each others company, and we also love to explore so if you ever thought of joining our 2020 riding season is just beginning and what a great way to start the riding season!

Well that's it for now, stay tuned for new blogs as we continue to ride into 2020 and if you have a ride that you would like to share or an event let us know! Keep the rubber to the road and see you on that purple pavement!