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2020 Riding Season is On its Way!

We thought we would never see the riding season it seems as the world held its breath and we dealt with Covid 19, from businesses closing, schools closed, unemployment at a high rate, and quarantines being imposed it was a very unsettling few months.

Fast forward to now and the world is slowly returning to what I call a new norm as the old ways have passed away it seems and our steel horses eager to stretch themselves have finally found themselves out and exploring once again with rides to ice cream, restaurants and more!

JRB enjoying the day!

Our rides normally can be a few miles (think around 70) to a whopping 200 plus miles depending on what the destination is! So far the ladies have ridden to several places including an ice-cream ride, BBQ joint, celebrated the graduation of a very special young man, and even joined forces with the Litas of RI on a HUGE group ride to Abbotts Lobster in CT!

Where we are heading next? Well, how about International Rally in OHIO? Oh and yes some of the ladies are doing the Tail of the Dragon in NC, as well as other fantastic rides, so please stay tuned!